Adeyinka Adepoyigi
Many development issues are deeply rooted in gender inequality. In turn, Gender Based Violence (GBV) has brought about poor progress on development issues such as poverty, access to education and health etc. Issues of education, health and poverty among women and girls will remain unachieved unless gender inequality is addressed. Strengthening the Capacities of Local...
Acknowledgement: This post was originally published on African Feminism. Any reproduction, redistribution, or modification of this content must be appropriately credited to African Feminism. For inquiries regarding republication, please contact the original source. Ramadan preparations in Nigeria begin long before the crescent moon is sighted. Like many people, I buy food in bulk: rice, millet,...
Empowering Women in Cross River: A Factsheet on the Women’s Voice and Leadership Project. Explore our initiatives and achievements in Cross River State, highlighting our efforts to empower women, promote gender equality, and drive positive change. Learn how we’re amplifying women’s voices and advancing gender justice in the region. Download Below
Discover the journey of empowerment and advocacy with our Women’s Voice and Leadership Factsheet, highlighting key milestones and impact since the project’s inception. Learn how we’re amplifying women’s voices and advancing gender equality. Download Below!  
Delve into the remarkable successes and transformative impacts of the Women’s Voice and Leadership Project in Kwara State. Witness the journey of empowerment and progress for women across the region. Download Below  
Delve into our factsheet to uncover our strategies and impact in addressing GBV, empowering women, and fostering safer communities. Learn how we’re driving change and amplifying voices to end violence against women.
The insecurity issue in Nigeria has become a graveconcern to all well-meaning citizens. Most of them continue to wonder how the country arrived at such a dastardly situation where no one is safe. The problem is escalating and now appears to be totally out of control. Insecurity in Nigeria is a recurring phenomenon that threatens...
From empowering initiatives to inspiring stories of change, this edition is packed with valuable insights and resources for everyone committed to creating a more equitable world. Download Below
Discover how radio is transforming lives in Lagos State, particularly for elderly women, through our Women’s Voice and Leadership Project. Our innovative programming promotes socio-economic inclusion, empowering marginalized communities and driving positive change. Explore our factsheet to learn more about our impactful initiatives and the inspiring stories of those we serve. Download Below
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