Strategic Opportunity Fund

It is a rapid response fund that can be accessed by women’s organizations and their networks for the promotion and protection of women and girls’ rights. It is designed to enable women’s organizations and their networks respond promptly to rights violations as well as seize unanticipated opportunities to create change in the lives of women and girls in Nigeria.

The grant positions the LWROs to be nimble in responding to women and girls’ rights issues in any location. Since project commencement, 19 organisations including non-project partners have benefitted from this fund.

If you have been in the NGO world for quite a while, you will agree that winning grants is not just about bank credit alerts. There are processes that spans across proposal development, review, pre-selection, due diligence, final selection, Work Plan development, and Work Plan Approval, before granting finally happens. These processes could take months, and sometimes years, but imagine all these including implementation, reporting, and funds retirement happening in seven (7) days? Yes, 7 days – we present to you WVL Nigeria project Strategic Opportunity Fund (SOF).

If you are a Women’s Rights Organization with urgent need to carry out interventions that will have a Multiplier effect on the issues of Women and Girls, and contribute to the broader achievement of Gender Equality in Nigeria, the Strategic Opportunity Fund is for You!