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Harmful Cultural Practices that Promotes Gender Based Violence.
Some of these beliefs have been practiced for so long that they are [...]
Harmful Widowhood Practices in Nigeria - Video Cast 001
Regrettably many cultural practices in Nigeria still subject women to [...]
Victim blaming has cost the lives of too many Nigerian Women...This is a must watch!
Silence encourages the tormentor at the risk of more victims! Play your part! Save a woman today by reporting cases of domestic violence!
Women Suffer greatly from harmful widowhood Practices...Watch how!
Denying women equal access to and control over economic and financial resources increases poverty. Join the movement of anti-poverty champions by opposing harmful cultural practices that strips women of resources!
Stop the Discrimination of Women in Politics!
Opposing women’s leadership today hinders your daughter’s leadership opportunity tomorrow. Join us to create a future without limits for the girl child by lending your voice in support of increased female leadership today.

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