A Beacon of Change: Equity Destitute Child’s Rights and Welfare Initiative

In the dynamic landscape of social change and empowerment, one initiative shines as a testament to the transformative power of dedication and vision. The Equity Destitute Child’s Rights and Welfare Initiative, founded and officially registered in 2018, has emerged as a trailblazer in championing the rights and welfare of the marginalized, led by an exceptional individual named Haj. Fatima M. Kabir

In its earlier stages, the organization focused on sensitization, empowerment, and addressing cases of gender-based violence through referrals.

It’s crucial to note that prior to the WVL-N project, the organization’s efforts were stifled by the lack of proper funding and capacity. These challenges hindered the full realization of their mission and the extent of their impact. The visionary leadership of Hajia Fatima M. Kabir faced numerous barriers as they sought to bring about positive change in the lives of women and girls.

However, it was in 2021 that the Women’s Voice and Leadership Nigeria (WVL-N) project breathed new life into the initiative. This pivotal moment marked a turning point as the organization’s capacity was fortified across various dimensions. Policies, office structure, vision, mission, values, and the establishment of a board were meticulously crafted, catapulting Equity Destitute to new heights of impact.

This new momentum was not confined to mere administrative improvements. The grant unlocked the doors to financial resources that were previously lacking, enabling the organization to amplify its impact work. This enhanced capacity translated into an expanded reach, engaging untapped communities in Kebbi State – Dankoji, Mala, Gwazage, and Sabo Garin Barki. Through their relentless dedication to sensitization efforts, they have touched the lives of over 1000 women and girls, directly impacting 700 of them. This outreach serves as a testament to their commitment to amplifying the voices of women and girls.

Such profound contributions did not go unnoticed. In a moment of recognition, Fatima was bestowed with the esteemed title of “Kilishin Mata San Nigeria” – translating to “The Lioness of Nigeria’s Youth.” This honor, awarded by the traditional title holders of Nigeria youth (Sarakunam Samarin Nigeria), serves as a symbol of her unwavering dedication and tireless efforts. This pivotal moment took place in October 2022 and stood as a testament to her remarkable journey.

At the helm of this remarkable transformation is Fatima, a trailblazer whose journey from motherhood to leadership shatters barriers. As the youngest Executive Director at the age of 31 and a mother of five children, her narrative resonates deeply. A firm believer in self-confidence and determination, Fatima embodies the spirit of breaking free from limitations and reaching for the stars.

Collaboration and partnership lie at the heart of this initiative’s success. Fatima’s membership in the Technical Working Group (TWG) on gender-based violence in Kebbi state has forged connections with institutions such as the Ministry of Women Affairs, NHRC, IHRC Genovia, Coalition of CSOs and NGOs in Kebbi, traditional rulers, and the Kebbi State Hisba community. These partnerships amplify the initiative’s impact and foster a united front for change.

Behind every successful woman stands a strong support system, and Fatima’s husband plays a crucial role in empowering her endeavors with women and girls. His unwavering encouragement and support fuel her passion to empower others.

Fatima’s journey has transcended boundaries, inspiring young women across Kebbi state to claim their rights and pursue their aspirations. Her story ignites a fire of hope and courage, compelling the next generation to stand tall and seize their potential.

In a remarkable testament to her resilience, Fatima even embarked on a political journey, contending for the Governorship position under the APC. Although faced with challenges, she remained steadfast, proving that even in adversity, her spirit cannot be dampened.

Today, the Equity Destitute Child’s Rights and Welfare Initiative stands tall as a beacon of change, driven by Fatima’s unshakable belief in equity and justice. The organization’s visibility and impact at community level has seen the conviction of 2 court cases and the settlement of over 30 other cases ranging from domestic violence, wife battery and maltreatment. Equity Destitute has soared high, achieving a resounding 10 out of 10 in their pursuit of justice. Fatima’s unbridled passion and unwavering commitment paints a captivating effect of the WVL project, where women are given a voice and their leadership skills developed to demand for their right and the rights of other women.