Rewriting SHE Stories Through Village Savings and Loan Scheme

Women of Tunga Buzu community in Kebbi state, beneficiaries of Abban Aisha Women a partner on the WVL project.

In Kebbi State, Nigeria, a transformative wind of change is sweeping through the lives of women, thanks to the Village Savings and Loan Scheme Association (VSLA) implemented under the Women’s Voice and Leadership-Nigeria (WVL-N) project, generously funded by Global Affairs Canada. This story delves into the impact of VSLA on the lives of women in over 200 wards in LGA of Kebbi state.
Arugungu one of the LGA, has long been characterized by economic challenges and limited opportunities for its women. However, since the inception of the VSLA initiative, a remarkable shift has occurred. This initiative has empowered women economically, socially, and mentally, giving them the tools to reshape their lives and rewrite their destinies.
Before the advent of the WVL-N project, the women of Zargo community faced numerous challenges. Limited access to financial services, lack of economic opportunities, and deeply entrenched gender norms had kept them on the sidelines of economic progress. Many were dependent on their husbands or families for financial support, making it difficult for them to invest in their own businesses or education.

VSLA: A Catalyst for Change
The Village Savings and Loan Scheme Association (VSLA) is not just a financial program; it’s a movement that is redefining the way women perceive themselves and their potential. The VSLA empowers women to pool their resources, save collectively, and access microloans for various income-generating activities.
Through the VSLA, community women in Kebbi state have discovered the power of financial independence. With access to microloans, they have embarked on diverse entrepreneurial ventures, ranging from small-scale agriculture to handicrafts and local trade. This newfound financial stability has transformed their status from mere spectators to active contributors to their families’ well-being.
With the income generated from their entrepreneurial pursuits, mothers in over 13 communities are now able to send their children, particularly their daughters, to school. The ripple effect of this change promises a brighter future for the entire community.
The VSLA has not only fostered economic growth but also strengthened the social fabric of the community. Regular meetings provide a platform for women to share experiences, exchange ideas, and build supportive networks. This unity has led to collaborative initiatives that address various community challenges.

Breaking Gender Norms’ Championing Women’s Voices
The VSLA’s impact transcends economic empowerment. It has challenged traditional gender roles and norms, empowering women to become decision-makers and leaders within their households and the community.
The WVL-N project, funded by Global Affairs Canada, recognizes that women’s voices are pivotal in driving sustainable change. Through the VSLA, women are not just participants; they are active agents of transformation, proving that when given the tools and opportunities, they can be powerful advocates for their own rights and needs.

A Glimpse into the Future
As the VSLA scheme continues to thrive in these communities, the future holds promise and optimism. The program is sowing the seeds of self-reliance, resilience, and empowerment that will undoubtedly flourish and inspire generations to come.
The Village Savings and Loan Scheme Association, made possible by the WVL-N project and the unwavering support of Global Affairs Canada, is a testament to the incredible potential for positive change within communities. In Arugungu, Zargo, Tunga-Buzu, Guandu and many more communities, the lives of women are being redefined, and a once-fragile hope is now a vibrant reality. As the VSLA journey continues, it is a beacon of hope, illuminating the transformative power of collective action and women’s empowerment.

By the Numbers:

  • Total number of VSLA groups: 57 VSLA
  • Total money raised since inception till date: N20,652,260
  • Total number of women in the VSLA groups: 1,130 Women

These statistics represent not just numbers but lives transformed, dreams realized, and futures rewritten. Together, we are rewriting ‘SHE’ stories, one empowered woman at a time.”

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