International Day of the Girl 2022

"Our time is now—our rights, our future"

International Day of the Girl is an annual and internationally recognized observance on October 11 that empowers girls and amplifies their voices. International Day of the Girl acknowledges the importance, power, and potential of adolescent girls by encouraging the opening of more opportunities for them. At the same time, this day is designated to eliminate gender-based challenges that little girls face around the world, including child marriages, poor learning opportunities, violence, and discrimination.

The Women’s Voice and Leadership Nigerian (WVL-N) Project, aimed at tackling barriers to gender equality and supporting the empowerment of women and girls, through technical and financial resources to Local Feminist/women’s rights organization (LWROs) work to ensure that voices are given to the girl and leadership position made available to them through its programs and activities.

We work with adolescent girls at state and community level, empowering, supporting and placing them at the forefront of change, by hearing their voices, responding to their asks, and nurturing spaces for their inclusion in decision-making.

Though, investments in girls’ rights remain limited and girls continue to confront a myriad of challenges to fulfilling their potential; made worse by concurrent crises of climate change, COVID-19, and humanitarian conflict.

The world’s 600 million adolescent girls have shown time and time again that given the skills and the opportunities, they can be the changemakers driving progress in their communities, building back stronger for all, including women, boys, and men. (UN 2022 IDG). Girls are ready for a decade of acceleration forward. It is time for us all to stand accountable – with and for girls – and to invest in a future that believes in their agency, leadership, and potential.

What You Can Do

we collectively call for greater attention, investment, and action on:

  • Supporting the leadership of adolescent girls at the forefront of change efforts, including by hearing their voices, responding to their asks, and nurturing spaces for their inclusion in decision-making.
  • Increasing resources for and investments in adolescent girls, including for the networks and organizations that support quality and inclusive education and prioritize their well-being.
  • Always Improving access to and uptake of inclusive adolescent girl-centered services but especially in crisis response and recovery.

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