WOMEN PEER EDUCATION MANUAL: An Illustrative Resource Kit for Promoting Women Empowerment.

This Illustrative Resource Kit for Women was first conceived and designed by ActionAid in 2012. It was intended to be used as a guide by women facilitators in ActionAid Nigeria (AAN) communities in the deployment of the Women Peer Education Programme (as well as by other users and programmers who may find it a useful tool for women empowerment). The resource kit is distinct and its uniqueness lies in not only the content that responds to women’s peculiar strategic and practical needs, but also in the richness of the illustrations that facilitates easy learning for the targeted audience who are mainly low literate.

In 2014 and 2016, the Women Peer Education Programme (PEP) and AAN broader women’s rights programmes were reviewed respectively. These reviews were to ascertain the impacts of AAN work on these two key areas. The 2014 review revealed that the PEP for women was very effective due to three main reasons –  the method of facilitation – which is through peer to peer; the content of the resource toolkit –  which addresses women’s day – to – day concerns; and the pictorial style used by the toolkit, while the 2016 review showed the need to revise the resource toolkit to reflect current realities. These feedbacks therefore informed this revision.

Ten new topics were introduced and used in expanding the module from four to six, while also restructuring old ones to fit to the current themes of the modules as seen in page 5 of this publication. Each of these contains topics and units that are reflective of women’s current realities such as unpaid care work and climate change.


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