Protecting and Promoting Women’s Rights in Nigeria: Constraints and Prospects

Women in Nigeria face many challenges and discriminatory practices under some extant laws. This presentation focuses on some of these laws and their impacts on women in Nigeria. The Nigerian society is inherently patriarchal. This is due to the influence of the various religions and customs in many parts of Nigeria. Women are seen as the ‘weaker sex’ and discriminatory practices by the state and society (especially by men) are condoned. This paper will highlight aspects of Nigerian laws accentuating discrimination against women and some of these laws include the Labour Act, the Police Act, customary practices and sexual violence laws amongst others. Furthermore, this paper highlights some of the reforms that have impacted positively on the promotion and protection of women rights in Nigeria. These reforms include the appointment of female judges to the Supreme Court , the enactment of laws such as the Protection Against Domestic Violence (Lagos State) 2007 and Violence Against Persons (Prohibition) Act 2015 amongst others.

Author: Eghosa Ekhator

Eghosa Ekhator ‘Protection and Promotion of Women’s Rights in Nigeria: Constraints and Prospects’ Michael Addaney (ed)Women and Minority Rights Law: African Approaches and Perspectives to Inclusive Development (Eleven International Publishing, Netherlands 2019) pages 17-35 

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Protecting and Promoting Women’s Rights in Nigeria: Constraints and Prospects (88 downloads)

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