Market Association Brings Smiles to Members’ Faces – Ejigbo Grinding Machine Operators Association, Lagos State


Ejigbo Grinding Machine Operators Association is a women-focused Community-Based Organisation established to empower members and other local women to acquire skills and become financially independent.

Prior to the commencement of the Women’s Voice and Leadership project, the Association’s source of funding was mainly through cooperative contribution by members. Without the availability of a seed grant, major needs of the women could not be met to due lack of adequate financial resources. Furthermore, the Association had no internal financial regulatory mechanism such as an Independent bank account and an accurate record of accounts.

Fortunately, the Association is one of those selected during the on-boarding of Community-Based Organisations on the WVL-N project. Through the granting support, Ejigbo Grinding Machine Association equipped eighteen (18) women (members) with knowledge on financial literacy with emphasis on the importance of savings. Also, twelve (12) grassroots community women from Ejigbo were supported with N20,000 microcredit to supplement their small-scale businesses, while six (6) women were given Grinding Machines.


Cheque presented to  Ejigbo Women to support their Businesses and Cross-section of beneficiaries empowered with Grinding Machine  during Empowerment & Financial Management

As a result of the Women’s Voice and Leadership Project, financial regulatory mechanisms have been established which were hitherto not present. For instance, Association members currently enjoy a subsidized reduction in taxes paid on their Grinding Machines at the Local Government level. Due to the efforts made by the association, members now pay a subsidized tax fee of #2,000 annually as opposed to the previous #4,500 individual tax paid annually to the Local Government.

The support received through ActionAid Nigeria and Global Affairs have brought about increased economic independence for vulnerable women, reduction in poverty, and improved means of livelihood among these grassroots women. 

Anecdotal comments to further buttress the impact of the ActionAid Women’s Voice and Leadership Project are outlined below.


I want to appreciate ActionAid Nigeria, Global Affairs Canada and Women’s Rights and Health Project for the support given to our women in purchasing grinding machines and financial support in expanding their businesses. The funding support we received enabled us to purchase small grinding machines for our women called “Somidoloro” which literally means “Make me become Rich.” By empowering women with these Grinding Machines, they will be able to have enough funds to purchase bigger ones.


Mrs. Adejoke Oyewole
President, Ejigbo Grinding Machine Association; Ejigbo LCDA

“I am very happy today because the type of blessing I wasn’t expecting God did it for me today. As a member of Ejigbo Grinding Machine Association altogether I am happy. Things of joy like this will continue to manifest among us in God’s name. I’m now begging God that the person that did these blessings for us would be able to do bigger ones for us. New blessings will come from them. Big happiness will enter into their house in God’s name because the blessing you are not expecting will make you happy and overjoyed. My joy overflows today because I wasn’t expecting it and they brought it to my house and I thank God that by the power of God they will continue to be prosperous, they won’t be faced with sadness, trouble will never be their portion in God name.”

Mrs. Tayo Famuditi
Petty Trader

All of our women who were supported with funds to expand their businesses are all doing well. On behalf of all members of Ejigbo Grinding Machine Association, we say a big thank you to Global Affairs Canada, ActionAid Nigeria and Women’s Rights and Health Project. There is no illiteracy in the market! Thank you ActionAid Nigeria, Global Affairs Canada, and Women’s Rights and Health Project.”

Mrs. Funke Adebayo
Petty Trader

Initially I was struggling financially. With the support of ActionAid Women’s Voice and Leadership Project, I was able to increase the volume of the food items I sell and my business is now booming. I am grateful to God and ActionAid Nigeria for their support.”

Elizabeth Lagbenro
Petty Trader