We cry out against this inhumane ordeal that has befallen  us

Some of Our men no longer defend and protect us from evil

Rather they have the culprit themselves

What crime have we committed against humanity to deserve such inhumane act?

What crime have we committed for being Women and Girls?

What crime have we committed to become object of rape?

Are we being raped, beaten and killed, simply because we were created to be feminine species?

Or is it because we have no muscles to fight back the men who keep pushing their chest against us to have their way?

Who do we run to for justice against this grevious act?

We are gradually losing confidence in our law

We have laws, but of what use are the laws

If it fails to bring justice to culprits and convict every criminal

Why should our law makers go to sleep when the Girl Child remain unsafe

Why should our Girls be born into a life of fear?

Why should we suffer for being female?

We hereby call for great justice on every culprit responsible for the violation of the female Gender

We cry out for innocent children and helpless mothers who have been violated, beaten and murdered for being women.

We cry out for our teenage girls who have been misled and deceived to prefer sex to education

We cry out for protection for our female Gender