The “Women Leadership Academy” WLA is a project borne out of our parent organization Women Empowerment Education and Peace Building Initiative (WEPBI). The major goal of the WLA is to develop the leadership capacity of women, to make them pro-active in order to enable them contribute and sustain the development of the nation through good governance and respect for human dignity.

We have come to realize that a woman’s voice represents the voice of the most socially excluded in the society today. We also recognize the marginalization of Women in Politics across all political party lines and seek to give a voice to women in governance and leadership. This is why the ‘Women Leadership Academy’ is set up to advance knowledge, and deepen the capacity of women who have interest in political leadership and get them prepared and positioned to successfully run for public elected positions at any level.

Through the Women Leadership Academy, women’s rights will be promoted to attain Gender equality and leadership skills gaps in women Leaders will also be addressed. The academy further gears towards strengthening the leadership role of the girl child and women in our society. The academy will enhance leadership potentials of young teenage girls from primary schools to secondary school level of education. This is in a bid to embrace the ‘catch them young’ ideology that will translate to building the capacity of future female leaders.

We make the registration open to young girls from primary, secondary and tertiary institutions who occupy leadership positions. We also encourage the registration of market women leaders, religious women leaders, women who are active participants in political affairs and have the interest of grooming their leadership potentials better.

The Women Leadership Academy is as well open to individuals and groups who may have interest of partnership and other forms of meaningful contribution that will help to foster the strength of the academy and enhance the actualization of set goals.

The WLA will foster and strengthen democracy and good governance in our communities, state and the nation.