Charter of Demands by Women and Youths in Kano and Kaduna States

Political parties are essential institutions ofdemocracy through which citizens express their aspirations to contribute to the polity of the nation through participation in political parties and through elections. By competing in elections, parties offer citizens a choice in governance, and while in opposition they can hold governments accountable. The Nigerian Constitution provides for every citizen, whether male or female, to enjoy the fundamental human rights accrued
to everyone and to participate in public life. One of the rights provided for within the Nigerian Constitution as well as other international instruments such as the Universal declaration of human rights, which is the freedom to right of association. Political parties exercise this right as well as individuals who choose to belong to any party of their choice to express their aspirations as well as participate within the governance process.

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Charter of Demands by Women and Youths in Kano and Kaduna States (34 downloads)

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