Changing Socio-cultural Norms that Promote Gender-based Violence – a guide for adolescent girls

Gender-based violence is a social menace that has robbed millions of women and girls of their lives and opportunities to develop to full potential, and has deprived the society at large the great contributions its victims would have made. Gender-based violence is one of the most prevalent human rights violation in the world.
It undermines the physical health of victims by predisposing them to unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, unsafe abortion and sometimes death. It affects the social and mental well-being of its victims by taking away their dignity, predisposing them to depression, suicidal attempts and substance abuse.
Gender-based violence has continued to thrive in the Nigerian society because some forms of gender-based violence are considered as culture. Social norms has continued to preach tolerance to violence while also promoting the culture of silence. Teenage Network in partnership with Action Aid Nigeria is working to promote girls’ rights in two rural communities in the Federal Capital Territories; Pigba-Sama and Kuruduma by changing socio-cultural norms that promote gender-based violence. The project is working with relevant stakeholders within the community; Council of Elders, Women group, Men group, Media and adolescent girls to achieve its objectives.
This manual was designed to serve a guide for the Girls’ Academy, to build the capacity of adolescent girls in advocating for change in social-cultural norms that promotes violence against women and girls.

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Changing Socio-cultural Norms that Promote Gender-based Violence - a guide for adolescent girls (78 downloads)

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