Analysis of Gender and Women’s Rights Funding in Nigeria – Issues of Engagement and Policy.

ActionAid-Nigeria in partnership with Global Hope for Women and Children Foundation facilitated the conduct of a research assessment on the analysis of gender and women’ rights fundings in Nigeria to understand contemporary issues to shape stakeholders’ engagement and priorities for advocacy to scale-up justification for donors and government to prioritize fundings for women’s rights programing in Nigeria. The assessment was conducted by an external consultant to ensure the integrity of the research findings. The assessment was aimed at shaping the development partners funding priority for women’s rights interventions, understand the proportion of grant’s that goes for gender and women’s right work when compared to other priority focus by non-gender priority focus organization and identify which thematic area get more funding and how effective is the grants streams when compared to women’s right funding stream, how has the funding so far address gender equality gap in Nigeria and intervention outcomes for women’s right program in Nigeria, and profound recommendations for future consideration to improve funding priority, program scope, organizational reach and advance the course of gender equality in Nigeria. 

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