ActionAid Nigeria Organizes a 3 Day Financial Management Training on the WVL-N project.

The topics the partners were trained on include:

 – An overview of the WVL project- two years and counting

 – NGO duties and Obligations under the Nigerian Tax Laws

 – Grant Management- How to make your donors happy

 – Practical- Cash book and bank reconciliation (Breakout sessions)

 – Financial reporting in the development sector

 – AAN Financial regulations

 – Understanding the End of Year AAN external audit requirements

 – Participatory training in action- How to apply Procurement Policy (Breakout sessions)

 – Cross learning and experience sharing (All participants participatory session on Financial Reporting for         Multi-year and CBOs)

 – Incomplete documentation and risks to successful Project implementation

 – Audit Pitfalls: Allowable and unallowable costs, checklist for submitting retirements, fraud, investigation

 – Challenges finance Officers face within their work environment

 – Strategizing for Year 4 (2022)

The Women’s Voice and Leadership Nigeria project is a five year Global Affairs Canada funded project that seeks to assist local women’s rights organisations and their movements in their efforts to eliminate harmful social beliefs and practices as well as, addressing discrimination and rights violations in policy and legislation and the provision of related services in Nigeria. This will be done through provision of multiple layers of funding and targeted/tailored capacity building support to these organisations.

The Project, therefore, has begun to provide tools, resources, and mentorship opportunities to selected LWROs and CBOs to strengthen and sustain their financial, technical, and organizational capacity in advancing the rights of women and girls and address gender equality barriers more effectively.

The objectives of Financial Management Training are :

  • Improve the monthly financial reports of participants while delivering on the expectation of the grant
  • Address issues based on misunderstanding of Partners balance as at month and year end as requested by AAN external auditors.
  • Strengthening the capacity of the Participants on the basic Accounting Principles and its application to their Work
  • Ensure that Participants provide guide to their non finance colleagues to enhance the Financial Management Processes.
  • Deliver a participatory-style training session using plain language, to build financial skills and knowledge.
  • Provide on the spot support as requested by LWROs.

 In this training finance officers  implementing the WVL Project will be gathered togethered,   while their  skills and confidence will be improved upon.

The well laid out training  will provide  tools and techniques  that will help the participants grasp with the expectation of the grant.

Participants will be engaged in facilitated discussions, group exercises and illustrated presentations .