Transforming Lives: CCAPI’s Success in Women’s Empowerment through the WVL Project

At the beginning of the WVL project CCAPI had no outstanding recorded success of women’s rights intervention. However, based on past projects implemented by CCAPI as women focused organization in Calabar, Cross River State, we had a list of over 100 vulnerable women and girls living in poverty and suffering Gender Based Violence. Reported cases were basically due to the women’s lack of financial independence and their inability to contribute to their family’s well-being. This limited CCAPI’s ability to reach out to more women which also affected the growth of the organization. CCAPI suffered from lack of funding, staff iteration and lack of partnership with other organizations. As a result of our partnership with ActionAid Nigeria and the implementation of the WVL project, we had good community resource mobilization which earned the organization a skill acquisition center at the women development center where 717 women have been trained and empowered with various skills. The organization has also been able to secure a plot of land at a 50% discount offered by the community. Which was achieved based on the number of women empowered by the organization and the number of reduced GBV cases due to women skill empowerment, as well as empowering 6 cooperative groups with improved rice seedlings for planting and data provision through CCAPI partnership with the CRS Ministry of Agric.

“I am a beneficiary of CCAPI’s skill acquisition center who learnt knitting. Based on the skill I learnt I have been able to train 10 more women and I make money from by knitting business which has enable me to buy additional machine to expand the business. This has greatly improved my livelihood”. …..Aniesian Kenneth.