From Struggle to Self-Sufficiency: The Almanah Hope Foundation’s Success Story with Widows

The Almanah Hope Foundation has achieved great success with ActionAid Canada’s funding. Thanks to this support, the foundation has been able to do important work in helping communities, widows, and women that need it the most.

Before the WVL project, we had faced challenges in reaching out to the widows and women within the communities we aimed to connect to, we didn’t have enough resources and support to achieve the goals we had set out for our organization.

The funding from ActionAid Canada has made a significant impact on widows within the communities that Almanah Hope Foundation serves. The foundation has set up special programs to help widows regain their independence and improve their lives. We offered training and skills development workshops that helped the widows and women learn new skills and find ways to earn a living. This not only gives them a sense of purpose but also helps them become more self-reliant and confident. 

With this support, the foundation has been able to provide much-needed assistance and empowerment to widows who often face unique challenges. The funding from ActionAid Canada through WRAHP has not only helped out foundation help others, but it has also helped our foundation itself become better.

Thank you Global Affairs Canada, ActionAid Nigeria and Women’s Rights and Health Project for your support and contribution to Almanah Hope Foundation.