Changing the stories of gender-based violence survivors in Alagbado Lagos Nigeria

With funding from Global affairs Canada WVL and ActionAid Nigeria, Havilah empowerment and impact foundation assisted and sensitized survivors, over 6000 survivors were equipped with the knowledge and skills to identify signs of violence, deliver appropriate first-line support including psychosocial support, and provided appropriate referrals to health facilities and social support services through their efforts of Global affairs Canada WVL and ActionAid Nigeria.

GBV survivor: 

Phebe (Name Withheld)  a young lady of  32 was introduced to us by the  Baale of Daleko Oke abiye Community at Alagbado during one of our interventions, because the Baale heard us talking about SGBV and all manners of abuse against women and girls, he now personality begged us to assist her, that a lot of women are suffering in the hand of the wrong men, looking at the woman then she really looked older than her age and looks very tattered,  after the focus group discussion with Baale and all the people that came out for the meeting including men and women, we invited her to our office for counseling which she agreed to come, eventually she came to our office the next day as she promised, we then  engaged her in an interview session and discovered that she was emotionally traumatized due to a rape scenario that led to the birth of her son. After the counseling she decided to be attending all our workshops and seminars funded by Global affairs Canada WVL and ActionAid Nigeria before long her self esteem and confidence bounce back, Her looks was transformed as she changed her way of dressing and undergo a skill acquisition program  organized by Havilah Empowerment and Impact Foundation (HEAIF) in her community on how to makeover and nail technician got a small point at kola bus stop where she does her business as a Beautician, today  she makes a lot of money with it to take care of herself and that of her son, all thanks to Global affairs Canada WVL and ActionAid Nigeria who made her who she is today, as she never stop thanking them for transforming her life, her confidence was built and she started her business having clients and also got employed as a teacher in a primary school in her local community.

 Also, she joined HEAIF’s team as a volunteer and works with the communication unit. 

“I never know my life can be meaningful, thanks to Havilah Empowerment and Impact Foundation and their funders, I’m able to train my child and develop my self-esteem.” Phebe (Name Withheld)